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Something Ain’t Right Movie

Consider a world where you receive unbiased and factual information on what’s going on in the world. Something Ain’t Right the movie has been produced and directed by Dr Susan Downs to promote awareness associated with the global management associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The movie shares facts from Doctors, Researchers, Government officials and more!

Be brave and have courage to become more aware. Watch and share this new movie which is coming soon!

Something Ain’t Right Movie is a website that provides:

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    Movie Information Information on the movie including two trailers and song.

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    The various people who are featured in the movie (a short bio).

  • The Production Team

    The various people involved in the production of the movie.

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    An ability to purchase the movie and / or song used in the movie.

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    Donated funds to assist in future projects.


The People

Producer / Director:

Dr. Susan Downs

Something Ain’t Right movie is owned by Dr Susan and she is a multi award winning film-maker focusing on providing health information with authenticity! This is her third multi-award winning movie.

She has been able to produce informative and thought provoking movie due to her extensive medical background. Dr. Susan is boarded in Integrative Medicine and in Psychiatry, is a certified IFM practitioner and certified in the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine. She has Masters degrees in engineering from MIT and Stanford and a Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda Medical Center. Based between San Francisco and Bloomsbury (London). She is the president of the cutting edge, Silicon Valley Health Institute (SVHI) and has worked in ten countries and also continues to study many healing modalities. Previously, she worked for the NHS in the UK, was an assistant professor at INSEAD (European School for Business Administration), and was a foreign service officer managing alternative energy projects in Asia.

Dr Susan also has her own radio show, Occupy Health on the VoiceAmerica.com. She will also be starting on Bold Brave TV early in 2022 which her own Occupy Health show.


Songwriter / Performer:


ENNÈ is a multi-award winning international artist from the UK. Her expression has deep cultural ties to the traditions of Jazz, Funk, Soul & Reggae, with a hint of her classical training. Her dynamic expression of her natural born talent for performance engages & enchants audiences from all backgrounds, ages & cultures.

Her expert delivery of the empowering lyrical content of her material, enables a healing on a deep & cultural level for both artist and audience members, which is why connection to her audience is most precious to ENNÈ at all her shows. This has got her noticed in the industry, and she has had incredible opportunities to work with & share stages with huge internationally acclaimed acts such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Mo Pleasure (Michael Jackson & Ray Charles), Skyler Jett (commodores), Greg Kofi Brown (Osibisa), Lee Scratch Perry, Holly Cook, Nick Welsh (King Hammond) Rich & Tone (Michael Jackson dancers) and more.

This artist is unapologetically herself, vibrant, energetic and stands for Truth & Love. You will leave her shows feeling up lifted by her warm hearted nature and her gift for story telling through music and expression.



Kevin Sorbo


Alex Voss

Field Director & Editing:

Alex Voss

Alex Voss is a five time Emmy winner and the producer of the film People and Drugs.


Motion Graphics & Animation Director:

Joseph Ernest-Martin

Joseph Ernest Martin is an award winning artist and winner of over 70 design awards. He has been doing design for corporate companies like Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems and many others. He continues to work with Chabot College, and Comcast channels.

His show, “Paranormal Insights”, won 6 video excellence awards. He is an award winning author with his work in 6 countries in 5 different languages.


The Movie

At this stage, the movie cannot be purchased due to entry in some major film festivals which stipulate this as a condition.
You can add your name to our mailing list and soon as it’s available, we will notify you.

Listen To

The Song

The song can be purchased for $1.97 and click here to purchase.

Patronage & Assistance

Your Support

Dr. Susan has now produced three award winning films and would love your support for future productions and feedback.

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